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Life Groups

Coming together in homes to live the Christian life together


      Life Groups are small groups that meet in our homes. They're a place where we can get together and worship in a special way that Sunday morning doesn't offer. Talking through biblical principles, life circumstances, and areas of need can be done in an intimate, personal way, and stronger, closer relationships are built to last through the future. 

      The life of a believer- especially a new believer -wasn't ever meant to be done in solitude. The church that Jesus established thrives and grows with community, accountability and with each part working in tandem to do God's will together. It's our belief and hope that in addition to regular attendance, a healthy church member should be involved in a small group where these important, biblical concepts can be realized consistently and to God's glory. 

Contact our Pastoral team to find a group in an area and at a time that can serve you. There are a variety of options and we want to get you plugged in and ministered to ASAP. 

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